The Ministry of Fools, and the Pity With Which Mr. T Regards Them

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What it is.

I'm so torn about posting this. I may not. I want some kind of help or advice, but I'm beyond knowing how to ask for it. This has to do with unconventional addiction.

I would like to know if anyone would be about a conversation. I would like some advice from an open minded individual.

I could really use some help.

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You weren't clear about circumstances, but I've got a lot of experience being close to addicts and addicted behavior. Here if you want.

As a former addict myself I may be able to offer some help.

I can promise to be non-judgmental and open minded. I have had more experiences with addiction than most people realize, many of them non-traditional. I'm here if you need or want me.

Here for ya if you need another ear.

I've been told im pretty fair and reasonable. Feel free to hit me up on chat or text if you want.
If not, best of luck in figuring things out.

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