The Ministry of Fools, and the Pity With Which Mr. T Regards Them

Who's still on here? I haven't really been on here in months and ages and things. But sometimes I'm curious.

My new favorite :)
grandfathher portrait

I've been wanting to write about my trip to Great American Tattoo in Indiana since I've been back, but I just haven't had the time and I'm not sure what to say. It's such an honor to be there, to work side by side with my hero in the industry and favorite tattoo artist in the world and to have the opportunity to learn from him. Every time I get back home from a trip to his shop, I have a million ideas in my head to test out, and I feel a rush of creativity that I just can't suppress. Thankfully, this time I got to come home to a portrait-heavy week, so that I could jump right into it and see what I learned. I learned a lot.

The thing that stands out the most from this trip is that this time, I really got comfortable. Not just with Joshua and his wonderful wife, but all the boys at the shop are just an excellent team and such great people. It's rare to find a shop so full of good people. There are real friendships brewing in there for me, even though I only get to see these people once a year or so.

I'm so bursting with excitement to move to San Francisco, and that trip somehow made me even more excited. I want to create something like what Joshua Carlton created. Not just artistically, but I want people to walk into a shop that's decorated with gorgeous artwork. I want everyone who works there to have an honesty about them, and I want everyone to feel like it takes no work to be their friends. I want to be able to invite guest artists out and show them such a great time that they won't be able to wait to come back. I want that perfect balance of hard work and fun times, and I always want to teeter on the edge of having too much of both.

I also found out that something really amazing is going to be happening for me, but you don't get to know what it is yet because there's no way to say it without sounding like a braggart. But when it happens, you'll all be the first(s) to find out.

Going away party awesomeness

Come join us for radicallness and awesomeness and let's hang out.

Who wants to come to our going-away party?

PLEASE EVERYBODY! Come by! It will be so much fun, and it will pretty much be a last hoorah. Let's hang out.

Not that anyone is counting.


O HAI Indiana!
I'm heading back out to Great American Tattoo Studio in Indiana for one final trip before embarking on the time-consuming mission of opening a tattoo studio with my pals, so hit me up if you're interested! This may be the last trip in a while...

Great American Guest spot flyer


House for rent!
Anyone want to rent our house out for pretty cheap, in Loveland CO? it's off the market now, so no one needs to worry about people coming in to look at the house ever again ha. let me know if you might be interested.

For those of you that have been tattooed, ever, by anyone... What process did you go through in deciding who would do your tattoo for you, or was that even a concern? If you sought out a specific artist, and for some reason they couldn't do your tattoo (weather because they were booked out too far, they were moving, it wasn't a style they were comfortable doing, price concerns etc), would you be more likely to take a recommendation to another artist from the person you were just trying to get tattooed by, or would you do your research on your own?

Get to work.
It's been strange, breaking up with Colorado. Every time I have to tell someone that I can't take any new clients, I feel like a big jerk. I know I'm only doing it to be fair to those that have unfinished pieces, but still... I'm not good at saying no to anyone.

So there's one location in the neighborhood we love that's been up on Craigslist for a couple months now, and we're falling more and more in love with it. We were able to see it while we were in San Francisco last month, and every time I get online to scope out available rentals, there she is, taunting me and reminding me how sexy she is. We finally decided that it was time to give the realtor a call, at the very least, even though we have three more months before go time. Turns out that there's a reason there's only three tattoo shops in North Beach... they make it pretty difficult for anything but apparel and retail to open in those storefronts. It doesn't mean it's impossible, but it might end up being quite a bit tougher. The realtor was very nice, he said that he'd gladly talk to the owner of the building and run the idea past him... But even if that pretty little storefront doesn't work out, the realtor ended up being super helpful, and said he'd be happy to line up a bunch of real estate for us to check out when we go back in May. And he's an attorney, which is awesome, because we need one to sign off on our LLC, so we accidentally killed off two birds with one stone by getting in touch with him. Huzzah.

Time is moving so quickly and so incredibly slow right now, it's hard to keep my head in the game. There's so much more to do before we leave, and so much of it can't be done until April that it's really driving us nuts.

But seriouisly. Try to tell me this isn't absolutely sexy and right where Tattoo Boogaloo needs to be.


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