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Two years in San Francisco.
I cannot believe it's been two years. It feels like I've been here for ever, while still feeling like just yesterday we were wandering around the city freaking out about where we were going to open the shop. When I think about how much we accomplished and how quickly, it gives me an anxiety rush. We were incredibly lucky. We didn't realize how lucky. But things went the way they did, and I can't imagine my life otherwise.

Now we're nearing our two year anniversary for Tattoo Boogaloo. When Chris, Deanna and I opened for business, we never would have guessed that our staff would more than double in two years. Katie moving out here six months after we opened, Kyle joining on as apprentice this last October (and oh my god, he's already kicking ass), McKenzie joining in March as counter help (and now piercing apprentice as well), and finally John DeWeese joining the ranks this coming Friday. Our little baby's getting all growed up!

Things with Tony are going very well. I'm excited to have such a wonderful man in my life. It's strange being in a relationship after getting out of such a long relationship. Rediscovering boundries, what makes someone tick... so many little things that I haven't had to do in over a decade. But the deeper I get in with this guy, the more I love him.

I've also taken up the banjo! I love it! I'm not very good yet but I'll show you all. Fear my learning prowess.

Hope everything's all good in the livejournal hood. Every time I log on here (which of course isn't very often anymore) I see less and less of the folks I used to see on here. It kinda makes me sad, but I'm right there with them. Life happens, it gets hard to make time.

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wow, I missed the bit where you and schwa split. I hope friendship has been maintained. Congrats on your shop being such a success, but I'm not surprised at all ;)

It's a rocky road. We're working on it. And thanks :)

Delightful to see a post (and a comment) from you! Come around more. And of course, hope to have a visit with you soon. This summer needs some Mez+Rainey Sister Debauchery.

Debauchery is what it is that I am talking about. My sister's here now, so we can have a sassy sisters squared party!

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I know. I've stopped in to lurk a couple of times, but I'll admit that Facebook has taken over. Sad really, I kind of miss using paragraphs and html.

Glad to see a post from you and to see you're doing well!

Writing here loses a lot of its incentive when there is no audience. I spend more time on Twitter because it isn't a ghost town. I still read my friends list every day, but it is about 85% RSS feeds of Dino Comics and Comics Curmudgeon.

Hope you find some time to check in here every now and then.

I have to admit, Naomi and I are so fantastically happy and lucky to have made such a dear friend in you as well as the Boogaloo family. It's really been a heartening thing watching you guys take this big jump and have it work out so very well. Much love to all of you...and yes, I need to get on the book.

Just as I've been fantastically lucky to make such wonderful friends this side of the Rockies. Not only do you need to get in the book, we need to get that beer!

So good to hear from you! I try and keep tabs on what's going on with folks via FB, but it's really not the same at all. It makes me so happy to hear that things are going so well for you. You deserve it! If I ever manage to make my westward you can be sure I'll stop in and say howdy! And yes, LJ is a bit of a ghost town these days. It's such a shame. I still post regularly, but it's somewhat akin to throwing things into the void.

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