The Ministry of Fools, and the Pity With Which Mr. T Regards Them

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And then it was January.
Don't you guys love how every time I post in here, I say I'm back and I'm going to post more? But then I don't for a few more months? Well, I won't insult your intelligence by lying this time.

It has been an incredibly eventful 6 months or so. For the few of you not in the know, Schwa and I are getting a divorce. The decision was made back in August. It's been a bittersweet time since, trying to balance space with maintaining some sort of friendship. Shit ain't easy.

I've been seeing someone new for a few weeks. His name is Tony and he is a nerd. I'm very happy.

Work has been awesome. I love our shop and I love this city.

I will try to update more as I find the time. Time has been a rare commodity as of late, so don't hold your breath. I miss you all and I do try to check in on occasion.

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I think about you often, miss. I was sorry to hear about you and Josh, but I'm so glad you guys are remaining friends. I can understand how the two of you are moving in different directions. From my far removed view it seems to me like you've really found your path these past couple years, and sometimes that means leaving the old path behind. You really seem happy on a new and deep level. I'm really happy for you, Mez. Congratulations on the new guy, and life in general! I send you many well wishes and a giant hug. Keep rockin' it.

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