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Speaking of having too many hobbies...
cat-snakes on a OMGWTF
I've been quite seriously debating purchasing a banjo. And hopefully, unlike all the other instruments I've purchased over the years, I'll actually try to learn how to play it.

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if you want something smaller, there truly is such an instrument as the banjolele - a small, ukelele-sized banjo. i want one so that it looks as if Karl's banjo had a baby.

I've seen those and they are adorable. But, I do think that I want the full sized deal. Can Karl play? I need to find someone out here who wants to give lessons to someone who refuses to read music.

he plays - took lessons from Swallow Hill folk center in denver a few years ago - but once he learned some of the basics, has just been teaching himself. he is working on a nice little repertoire of Misfits and Ramones covers right now. you've never heard "Night of the Living Dead" until you have heard it on the banjo, sung by a bunch of poeple who can't remember the words. epic.

good luck with it - and honestly, buy one! learn it! you will love it.

That's awesome ha ha... I want to hear it. I think my goal by this time next year is to own and almost know how to play the banjo :)

Bringing some country to San Fran, eh?

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