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Wha? Me? A MOVIE star???
So I was recently contacted by a representative from the Oxygen(tm) network about possibly being interviewed for a new reality show about tattoo artists. When Kristina(tm) called me at work, my first response, however much in my head, was a grumpy "fuck that shit, bitches." But she was charming and polite, and she made fun of LA ink and the idea of any tattoo-related reality show that involved the drama and bullshit in following a shop that was filled with angry coworkers who hated each other. So I listened to her spiel.

It's going to be some sort of ongoing tattoo competition, I'm guessing elimination-style. It seems that they will be choosing 12 artists to start out with, with one artist standing at the end with some blitzy blingy radical cash prize. She explained that there will be three "tattoo celebrity" judges, none of which, I'm hoping, will be Kat Von D.

Per her request, I sent the network numerous photographs of both my work and my pretty, pretty face. The following day, I was sent a dramatic "CONGRATULATIONS YOU HAVE BEEN SELECTED FOR THE SECOND TIER" email, explaining that I qualified to fill out their 3957632 page interview. If they liked my answers, I will be contacted in 2-4 weeks time to have a one on one, in person, old fashioned interview.

Even if I'm selected for the interview, I have no idea if I'd be able to do this. I have a new shop that I need to be working at, I don't need to be off gallivanting in the realm of reality tv. Unless they give me lots of money, in which case, I'm more than happy to gallivant away.

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Good luck! I will watch. I stopped watching LA Ink after the 2nd season because it surpassed a guilty pleasure into an annoying, I-don't-ever-want-anything-to-do-with-these-people, show.

My understanding is that most elimination-style reality shows pay a pretty fair stipend for gallivanting time. So it might not be so bad. Good luck!

Its also a lot of publicity....

(Deleted comment)

Livejournal? Whats that again?

Mez... You are THE most talented tattoo artist I know. I've actually watched a few of these tattoo reality shows and NONE of them even come close to the quality or have the artistic ability that you have, much less the passion. I think you have it right. I think you should take advantage of the opportunity, however, I think you are also correct to not let it interfere with you recent success. I think you can do this and still keep "Mez", unlike Kat Von D who grew a huge head and started to lose herself in the success. (although it has been a while since I've seen the show and watched it far and in-between when I did). Congrats any way it goes! I'm already a fan! :)

Re: Livejournal? Whats that again?

Yes, I agree completely!

Awesome! It sounds like a great adventure. And if it is anything like shows like Top Chef, etc. there may be additional prizes to be won for individual challenges/whatever. You'd knock their socks off.
If you're given the opportunity, I'd say go with your gut as far as should you/shouldn't you participate.

We'll see if they call me or not for the interview. If they do, I'm going to have to make sure I like the cut of their Jib before I agree to anything.

It's made by the same folks who make Project Runway, which I've never seen myself but I've heard good things.

Yay Mezling! You rock the superstar status baby! I say go for it. Be your funny awesome spectacular self. Woo Hoo!

yay! regardless of what happens with this and whether you choose to do it or not, how awesome that out of everyone in the nation, you were one of those that came up on The List for amazing artists to talk to!

and although i do not watch reality tv because it makes me really grumpy, i would totally watch a Mez-show. totally. :)

I know, I don't even have cable!! I watch one or two netflix movies a week. I can't stand reality shows, especially. But the premise of the show sounds a little like a show that was on for just a few episodes that I actually REALLY liked, called tattoo wars. They're have some episodes on youtube if you're interested.

Dude! That's awesome! It does sound sort of Top Chef/Project Runway-ish, and I'm sure you'd rock its socks.

It's actually the same people who made Project Runway, which I've never seen but I've heard is pretty cool. I like the idea of those shows, it reminds me more of a skill-based game show than anything.

(fame + talent + exposure) + (patience / time) = $$$

Don't sell out. You want to be a TV personality or a tattooist?

Oh Eli. I want to be the president of France!

That's so exciting! At the least, your shop would get publicity. But I'm curious how these tattoo challenges would work.

I am too. It may be awesome, it may be retarded. We'll see if we get to see though!

Good luck, I think it would be awesome to have someone as talented as you appear on one of these shows. :)

That's awesome! How exciting that you are on the radar enough to get a nod. I wish you much fortune. Lordy knows you've got the talent and the passion. :D

Good luck! It's always been my dream to get tattooed by you, so I'm sure my dreams will be dashed if you win, lulz. You'll have thousands of people trying to get in before me!

My livejournal peeps will always be able to jump ahead in line. Fret not!

As long as you don't forget or neglect the little people... like the ones who came up with more ideas to add to Twin Peaks arm...

But seriously, this is super neat and can't wait to hear more as it progresses.

Ha ha I'll always have room for the Twin peaks tattoos! And thanks :)

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